Northgate Park Sarmiento - PRICE LIST

Requirement for ownership

For one to qualify to own a unit in this prestigious development complex then the following requirements must be met. They include;

  • 3 months’ pay slip
  • Latest identification passport pictures
  • Birth certificate if not married
  • Marriage certificate if married
  • Community Tax Certificate
  • TIN Card
  • Proof of billing
  • Certificate of Employment and Compensation
  • Latest copy of Income tax return to ensure that your tax records are up to date
  • Membership Status Verification Slip (MSVS) – (original)
  • Post Dated Checks (PDC) Monthly Amortization

How to acquire the property

As with many of these high-end properties, a lot of money is usually at stake in terms of payment transactions and so proper channels must be followed to ensure that all parties benefit from the transaction. The buyer gets the value for his or her money, while the seller gets the profits he or she had planned to get. For those seeking to purchase a unit at Northgate Park Sarmiento, the developer has set out a proper channel for the payment to be done.

The first step includes proper consultation with the property agents to get an overview of the property. This is flowed by a visit to the property where the buyer gets to see the property and assess it and then he or she makes a reservation. Later on, the buyer will submit the relevant documents for documentation and verification, then the initial payment is made, and other financing details are agreed upon. Lastly the buyer will finally get to move in at a time convenient to them.

Financing Scheme

Potential homeowners can get to choose the financing option to pay for the property. These include;

  • Bank financing
  • In-House financing

All the three options have flexible terms that are geared towards ensuring that the potential homeowner undertakes the payments in a convenient manner.


Northgate Park Sarmiento is an elegant residential development that truly meets the taste of any homeowner.

This development is greatly accessible and that makes it a very convenient residential complex to reside in. In addition, its nearness to various essential establishments such as hospitals, schools, cinemas among others further adds great appeal to this great development.

In terms of amenities and features, residents will be sure to enjoy the best of everything to their fill. Various amenities do exist such as kids playing ground and sporting facilities that residents can make use of to make it enjoyable to reside in Northgate Park Sarmiento. Furthermore, the house models units have been well set up with great interior and exterior designs. The developers have ensured to give the units ample space that will allow residents to modify the units to their specifications. The house models that are on offer include; Abbey, Emery, Abigail, and Carrie.

Residents to can be assured of proper security round the clock and this has been made possible through the trained security personnel and constant surveillance through the CCTV cameras installed at strategic points. Other available services include cleaning services, and care taking services. In addition, residents will be sure to get constant water and electricity supply that are undertaken by the government authorities.

In terms of payment, residents will have to produce all the required documentation such as income tax returns and bank statements before purchasing the units. In addition, the payment procedure is simple and straightforward and potential homeowners will have various choices on how to finance for the property.

Northgate Park Sarmiento is a truly remarkable development that will surely offer you the opportunity to create a nice warm home that you have envisioned for your family.

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